Travel back in time to when old-school, larger than life monsters roamed the racetrack!  Full bodied, full framed trucks just waiting for their chance to be badder than the rest!  We're excited to dive head-first into this era with our latest Clodbuster chassis, the Time Warp!  

This aluminum chassis is designed around building an old-school, retro style monster!  With a full-length, 1/8" thick laser-cut aluminum frame, this chassis will handle all the abuse your truck can dish out!  We've also added in some racing features like multiple shock mounting locations, revised suspension geometry, and lowered Center of Gravity.  We've designed in an adjustable wheelbase for 10-5/8", 11-1/8", or 11-5/8" using the stock plastic suspension arms.  You're also able to adjust the height of the center chassis cradle up or down up to 1" using the included mounting holes depending on your needs.  For those going with that pure old-school look, we've even included BOTH horizontal and vertical body mount locations, which allow for the use of your stock Clodbuster hard-body with no additional drilling required.  With its longer wheelbase and a lower stance, this chassis not only looks good but will perform as well!  

But wait, there's more!  In addition to all of that, we've made this chassis upgradeable to a 4-link suspension with our optional sway bar design!  Get that old-school look and still run a current suspension designed to handle running today's brushless power!  Our 4-link kit also allows you to select between an 11" , 11-1/2", or 12" wheelbase and the sway bar kit help keep everything under control!  NOTE:  If you order this chassis with a 4-link kit, you will also need to order P/N CPE-DUALSHK (or similar) in order to mount the shocks and sway bars at the axles.


- Adjustable wheelbase (10-5/8", 11-1/8", and 11-5/8")

- Adjustable-height chassis cradle

- Low-CoG battery mount (for 4-cell and/or shorty LiPo only)

- Standard upper battery mount (for 6-cell nimh and/or 2S LiPo)

- Multiple shock mounting positions

- Direct fit for stock Clodbuster/Bullhead suspension arms

- Direct fit for stock Clodbuster hard body

- Horizontal and vertical body mount options

- 4-link & sway bar compatible chassis (available as an option)

- Designed to use vertical servo mount & steering links (CPE-VERTSTR & CPE-STR3) or similar

The stock chassis includes the following:

- Assembled aluminum Time Warp chassis

- Aluminum chassis stiffeners (x6)

- Low CoG Battery Mount (designed to fit 4 cell nimh battery packs or SHORTY 1 or 2s Lipo packs)

- Standard Battery Mount / Electronics Plate (designed to fit 6 cell nimh battery packs or 2s Lipo packs)

- Battery Cups & hardware (x2)

- Horizontal & Vertical Body Mount kit

CPE-TIMEWARP: Clodbuster Time Warp Retro Chassis

  • Manufacturer: CPE
  • Man. P/N: TIMEWARP
  • Stock Status: In Stock!
  • $149.99

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