Since we introduced our Barbarian, the 1st race-specific chassis designed around the Axial AR60 axles, in 2013, it has quickly skyrocketed to our best-selling chassis to date!  Remaining unchanged over the course of 4 years, we decided to give it a slight update for 2018 to better allow for end-user adjustability.  This carbon fiber chassis is designed to loosely replicate the look of the tube frames used by the full size monsters, and is a full 3mm thick designed to handle the extra abuse.  The 13" wheelbase  when using the stock Axial upper and lower links allows for a shorter turning radius and quicker cornering than a longer wheelbase.  Multiple shock mounting positions let you use stock Axial shocks, or adjust the ride height to your specifications.  We've built this around re-using as much of your stock Axial as possible, which allows for ease of replacement parts and maintenance.

Note:  You will receive the following in the Barbarian 2k18 kit: 2 chassis plates, 1 transmission plate (machined for both AX10 and Wraith/SMT10 transmission patterns), 1 battery plate with battery cups, 1 electronics plate, 8 aluminum chassis braces, aluminum upper & lower tubular 4-links, body mount kit, and SS hardware package.  Optional CPE carbon fiber chassis braces, upper and lower 4-links, and sway bar arms can be purchased separately as noted on the checkout screen.  You will need to supply a donor SMT10/Wraith/Ridgecrest/AX10 transmission, and F/R AR60 axles.

Barbarian 2k18 updates:

- Redesigned full-length chassis plate with "CPE" lettering

- New battery plate with included battery cups.

- Multiple sway bar mounting options.

- Additional "laydown" shock mounting locations

- 7.5oz. chassis plate weight (Both plates)

- 15oz. assembled chassis weight (with trans, battery, and electronics plates, battery cups, sway bars, and Al braces)

CPE-BAR2K18CF: Axial Barbarian 2K18 Race Chassis - Carbon Fiber

  • Manufacturer: CPE
  • Man. P/N: BAR2K18CF
  • Stock Status: In Stock!
  • $279.99

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