Looking to join in on the growing popularity of the 2.2 (or mini-mod) monster truck classes?  We've added an Ares 2.2! Our Ares chassis is designed for battle as a full-on race chassis for the Axial SMT10 or Wraith/Ridgecrest AR60 driveline.   This carbon fiber chassis is a full 3mm thick, while weighing approximately 30% less than an aluminum counterpart.  The wheelbase can be adjusted from 12" to 12-1/2", and multiple shock mounting positions let you adjust the ride height to your specifications.  We've taken much of what was designed for the Ares chassis, and have redesigned the sway bar system specific for this 2.2 chassis to help to keep your truck planted and minimize torque twist.  Best of all, we've built this around re-using as much of your stock Axial as possible, which allows for ease of replacement parts and maintenance.

Note:  You will receive the following in the Ares kit: 2 carbon fiber chassis plates, upper & machined lower aluminum 4-links, front & rear sway bars with aluminum arms, Upper and lower shock mounting spacers/hardware, 1 aluminum transmission plate (machined for both AX10 and Wraith/SMT10 transmission patterns), 1 aluminum battery plate, 1 aluminum electronics plate, body mount kit, and SS hardware package.  You will need to supply a donor SMT10/Wraith/Ridgecrest/AX10 transmission, and F/R AR60 axles.  We recommend using 3 to 3-1/2" long shocks (3" pictured below).  

CPE-ARES22: Axial Complete Ares Race Chassis - 2.2 Class

  • Manufacturer: CPE
  • Man. P/N: ARES22
  • Stock Status: In Stock!
  • $229.99