These are our brand new square spring steel bars and knurled point set screws now shipping with our CPE-SWAYCNC kits.  Beginning in mid-November 2020, all kits shipped feature these updated square bars and new knurled set screws for a stronger hold.  Aside from the bars needing to be trimmed to fit your application, no modification to the rest of the sway bar is required.  This is a retrofit kit for ONE of our sway bar assemblies which includes 1 sway bar square rod and 4 knurled set screws.  If you're running front and rear sway bars, you'll need to order 2 retrofit kits.  These parts using larger m3 set screws are included with all new sway bar kits, this is only for retrofitting older kits.  These kits can also be used with other manufacturers sway bars, just order the correct set screw size to match your sway bar arms.

Note:  Blue loctite is recommended for each of the locking setscrews.

CPE-SWAYCNC_RETRO: Machined Sway Bar Retrofit Kit

  • Manufacturer: CPE
  • Stock Status: In Stock!
  • $3.99

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