• CPE-TRIBw: Clodbuster Tribute Wheel Pair - White

This is a pair of adjustable-offset Tribute wheels by JConcepts for your Clod Buster.   These wheels come with multiple hubs that allow you to adjust the offset as required.  As such, these are direct fits to both your Clodbuster, Axial, Ground Pounder, or Wheely King.  The Tribute also includes scale planetary hub covers giving your truck the ultimate scale look. 

Note:  These wheels come with a narrow bead area compared to a stock Clodbuster wheel.  If using tires other than JConcepts, you will likely need to trim the depth of the bead on your tires.

What's included:

  • Tribute 2.6” Wheels in white (2 wheels)
  • Color-Matched Adjustable Hub Centers (3 different offsets)
  • Color-Matched Wheel Nut Covers (4 pcs)
  • Black oxide mounting hardware

CPE-TRIBw: Clodbuster Tribute Wheel Pair - White

  • Manufacturer: JConcepts
  • Man. P/N: 3377W
  • Stock Status: In Stock!
  • $24.65