Want to run Clodbuster sized wheels and tires on your Ground Pounder?  These adapters replace the stock 12mm drive hub and are designed for Clodbuster wheels to directly bolt on.  Sold in a set of 4, these do not require any modification to your Ground Pounder steering knuckles, or your Clodbuster wheels!  You'll receive a set of 4 adapters and M5 mounting hardware for the wheels.

Note:  When installed, these adapters increase the overall width of your axle to 17" WITH both Clod wheels/tires installed.  All trucks released after mid-2017 use M5 outer axle shafts.  If you have a truck running M4 axles, please note that during checkout.

CPE-GPHUB: Ground Pounder Clodbuster Wheel Hub Adapters

  • Manufacturer: CPE
  • Man. P/N: GPHUB
  • Stock Status: In Stock!
  • $29.99